Morning todo lists

The first I do every morning is create a todo list of all the things I want to achieve as part of a standup email for the small remotely distributed team work for. I rarely over-commit and it forces me to plan my day and manage my time. This practice has helped me from straying too far away from my goals and getting things done.

A typical day’s todo list might look like this:

  • Research W
  • Review X
  • Read Y
  • Write a patch for Z with an idea of how much progress I’ll make today

I’m going to experiment with thinking about the nature of the work

One thing I noted when reflecting on last year was that I’ve not been writing and learning as much as I would like. I’m going to try and phrase these morning todo lists with these checkboxes in mind:

  • I’ll make sure I read something
  • I’ll make sure I’ll learn something
  • I’ll make sure I write something
  • I’ll make sure I build something
  • I’ll make sure I’ll help someone.

ie. my todo list must contain one of each of these things!

I think this will help me focus energy into the right places and encourage me to be a better person.

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